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Who says SELLING a BUSINESS has to be a chore?

My name is Mark J. Poulin. I am a Business Broker, I also have 25 years experience as a business consultant, and have owned and operated businesses for over 20 years. So I understand firsthand everything that goes into a business.  I AM SERIOUS ABOUT HELPING YOU!


  • Wish to retire
  • Tired of this business
  • Business is no longer a challenge
  • Employee problems
  • Neighborhood changing
  • Under capitalized
  • Competition too strong
    • Does not make the money you need
    • Landlord problems
    • Moving elsewhere
    • Health problems
    • Too many hours
    • It’s time to sell
    • Wish to pull the equity out of your business

Business I have helped sell

You Need a Business Broker

Although selling your business can be a complex venture that requires careful thought and preparation, I can help you every step of the way. This includes developing a plan for a successful business exit, as well as preparing and organizing your company paperwork. I want to make sure that the decision you make is the best one overall. I will provide potential buyers with financial statements, forecasts, valuations, and current sales performance that can further demonstrate the underlying value of a business.

As a business broker, I have all the resources, skills, and expertise you require during the selling process. From valuations and marketing to prequalification and negotiation assistance, it is hard to beat Mark Poulin when it comes time to sell your business, no matter the reason for the sale. My goal is to make the entire process of selling your business from start to finish a quick and seamless process so I can give you a positive experience. Without a doubt, I can help you find qualified buyers and market your business effectively. Contact me today at 602 373-5718.

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mark poulin - business broker